Info Espressos: Microservices

Checklist for Microservices Health from Bhakti Mehta’s Devoxx presentation (see Video below):

  • A. Alerts
  • B. Bulkheads
  • C. Circuit Breakers
  • D. Data Obfuscation
  • E. Eventual Consistent
  • F. Fallbacks and Hystrix
  • G. GC Settings
  • H. Health Checks
  • I. Injecting Failure
  • J. Jitter with Retries
  • K. Key Invalidations
  • L. Logging
  • M. Metrics and Monitoring
  • N. Network Latencies
  • O. Optimising Queries
  • P. Phased Rollouts
  • Q. Queues Bounded
  • R. Run Books
  • S. Staged deployments
  • Timeouts

Introduction to Microservices, Docker, and Kubernetes by James Quigley (55 minutes)

Develop Microservices Faster with an Open Source System by James Strachan in just over 1 hour:

Architecting for Microservices Failures by Bhakti Mehta – approximately 42 minutes

Building Low Latency Microservices and Monoliths by Peter Lawley – approximately 41 minutes:

gRPC vs REST: let the battle begin! by Alex Borysov & Mykyta Protsenko