Gopal's BlogAnd so it came to pass that Dr Noil Lirtsarc-Itre, the noble and just ruler of the PsyTech Corporation elected to Die. In keeping with her wishes, and the practices of the Seulb sect to which she belonged, her consciousness was digitized within twelve hours of Death and the software that was Noil passed from her carbon-based bionic hardware to that of silicon.

Having lost her beloved Ortimid to the plague of 4056, she had nominated her youngest brother, Saaron, also a member of the Seulb, as her physical proxy. Many considered such a practice between sister and brother to be “incestuous”, quoting outdated principles which suggested that shared “memetic weaknesses” may be compounded by such a union, but such ramblings were ignored by the Seulb whose customs were firmly based in the discipline of Computational Spirituality.

Saaron loved his sister dearly, and despite his youth, he was a strong and capable individual. As Noil’s proxy, he accepted his seat on the PsyTech Corporation high council, and with Noil’s guidance he became an indispensable part of its decision making function especially with regards to research and development. The PsyTech corporation was one of the three largest industrial organizations on Lariaat. Under Noil’s rule it had grown from a small four person startup to become the leader in the transition from a knowledge-based economy to the wisdom-based economic model that now prevailed. It had achieved all of this through a rigorous research and development programme coupled with a holistic philosophy that saw business in harmony with the environment and the Cosmos.

When news of Noil’s decision to digitize became public, the PsyTech stock took a dip, but as it became evident that Saaron was doing well, it corrected, and continued its upward trend. Besides their activities in the PsyTech Corporation itself, Noil and Saaron also became activists in the cause of Digito-Biolog relations. For a long time, there was a large rift between the biological Lariaatians and the digital minorities. Although the advances in medicine that gave virtually limitless longevity, and caused the population to grow explosively made the practice of elective Death a necessity, many of the Biologs either feared the Digitos because they saw them as a force that could ultimately “take over the world”, or dispised the practice of digitalization as “unnatural”. The digital minorities, on the other hand largely (and often justifiably) felt that they had been given a raw deal and had been marginalized and stripped of many basic rights. Less stable elements among the Digitos had thus undertaken acts of Psyco-terrorism which further escalated the rift. Within three years of Noil’s digitization, Noil and Saaron had brought peace and stability to Lariaat.

It was around this time that Noil decided to undertake a long inter-galactic tour to bring the word of peace and harmony to other worlds. Where barbarism and savagery was still the order of the day between the Digitos and Biologs. Although Saaron was reluctant to give up the guidance of his sister for such an extended period, Noil assured him that he was more than capable of managing their affairs while she was away. So the necessary diplomatic arrangements were made, the satellite links were established, and Noil was beamed off on her journey. Before she left, Noil and Saaron had a conciousness-meld and gave birth to a digital child, a wonderful boy they named Ysraque.

Noil and Saaron had a middle half-sister called Krahs, an evil and scheming individual who, by capitalizing on the reputation of her half-siblings had gotten onto the intermediate council of PsyTech. With Noil gone, Krahs sweetly started spinning her web of deceit and treachery, to influence members of the high council who were vulnerable to her charms. Within six months she was on the high-council herself, as a junior voting member.

To be continued ?

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