Reality? 02

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On the morning of the third day he arrived at the summit, tired and dirty. There he saw a young boy, dressed in saffron robes, sitting in the snow, with his eyes closed, meditating.

He patted his dishevelled pinstriped jacket, ran his fingers through his hair, and wiped his shoes with his once white handkerchief. Then he cleared his throat to attract the attention of the wise guy.

The young boy opened his eyes and smiled at the sight before him. “Hello,” he said.

“Hello, your… Wiseness,” said the man in the now quite bedraggled suit. “I have travelled from a distant land to hear your words of wisdom…”

“What words?” asked the wise guy.
“You know… The ultimate truth…”

“Oh you mean reality? You’ve come to experience reality?”

“I guess so… If you say so…” replied the man in the torn and crumpled suit.

“Are you sure you’re not… too ready?” asked the wise guy with a frown.

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