Reality? 04

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The man could control himself no longer. He grabbed the bag from the boy, tore it open, and retrieved the object within. It was small and brown, and had a fresh, heady aroma reminiscent of manure. Seeing it, he laughed out loud. “You know, when I read about you in that article in the Universal Cosmologic, I really thought there may be something more to you: some substance, some real wisdom. But I should have known better. All this mumbo-jumbo.” Then he examined with amusement, the brown object in his hand. As he gazed at it, his smile changed to a frown, and then to a look of fear. He clutched his chest, fell over, and died.

“Dammit,” said the boy to himself. “Just as I suspected – too much maturity to accept the true nature of reality.” He shook his head, and muttered, “Grownups, they want to hear the truth, but they can’t handle it…” After a few moments reflection he went over to where the body lay in the snow, and carefully removed the brown object from its fingers. He set it down on a flat, dry stone before him. From his robes he retrieved a dissecting microscope and a pair of tweezers with which he broke of a small piece of the brown object for examination.

Before continuing, he glanced at the corpse. Maybe I should just leave him there, he thought. But a corpse in a pinstriped suit would attract unnecessary attention, and the last thing he wanted was another invasion by Universal Cosmologic or CCB TV. He had had enough of photographers tramping around, upsetting his snow, and pointing their cameras at him when he went for a pee.

He looked through the microscope and rotated a small pebble with the tweezers, the corpse stirred. The man in the pinstriped suit sat up and rubbed his head. “I saw a tunnel, a bright light…” he said. “Then I was floating… I saw myself lying there, and I saw you take that… and… examine it under the microscope… Then it felt like a vacuum cleaner was sucking me back, … and then I woke up with a headache.”

The boy nodded. “Sounds like a typical death experience…”

The man stared at him, wide-eyed. “You mean near death?”

The boy shook his head. “I mean death.”

“And you changed… reality?”

“Ever so slightly. Luckily I was able to act fast. Not too many impacts on the rest of it… Hmm, let’s see what we can do about your suit.” He peered down his microscope again, and did something with the tweezers. “That’s better,” he said.

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